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Estancia Serenova

Website upgrade: Now we have an SSL cert and therefore our URL now starts with https:// .

Geography trivia!

What's the difference between a lake and a pond?

It's not the size.

If you can see its bottom it is a pond. If you can't see it, it is a lake. There are "ponds" bigger than "lakes" and "lakes" smaller than "ponds."

Pacific willow (salix lucida) is the namesake of this small lake, Lago Salceño (lake of willow).

The Floy Preslar Gallery welcomes Andrea Vidrine ( for May!

Opening reception: Saturday, May 5, noon-5 p.m.

Show runs from May 5 through 27.

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Hi, a quick heads-up: our website now has an SSL cert so the URL is now (with https).

¡Hay ahora una nueva versión de nuestro sitio web informativo en castellano!