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Rafał Piątkowski @crecca@mastodon.blue

"1. What are the structural elements of the system? [what] roles they play?

2. What is the nature of the collaborations between these elements? Not just the messages they send to each other but the expectations they have for each other and their position of responsibility in the system.

3. What is the overriding style or philosophy that guides the answers to the first two questions.

[The] answer to the third question that differentiates an architecture from a design."



This helped me a lot in thinking about how to structure my code and development.

@amsomniac @shel yup!

duckduckgo is the pirates best friend:

!libgen searches a currently active libgen mirror
!tpb searches a currently active thepiratebay URL
!demonoid searches demonoid

there's probably more I don't know of.

I'm such a horrible mastodoner recently. I've got to chill out more

Coding without a keystroke: The hands-free creation of a full video game | Ars Technica - arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/02

This is kind of cool, I wish/hope we'll see some process with those kinds of tools in near future

The way I read is largely intractable

"The Ministry of Defense has decided to transfer all office computers to the operating system Linux-based Astra Linux" #Russia


I forgot to double check scheduled date of my exam. Sometimes I'm so stupid.

in case you didn't read or heard of it before, the critical CSRF vulnerability in phpmyadmin is patched, so please update

/via itprotoday.com/patch-managemen

TCP/IP illustrated is so far my fav. networking book series. I also like Perlman's books. Does anyone have other recommendations?

Yay, it's power play day: Conaway prays USA says 'no way' to Huawei • The Register - theregister.co.uk/2018/01/12/h

That's at least a strong indication that USA chip manufacturers are still building backdoors, and most likely others play this game as well. We need open computer designs more than ever.

My avatar is the sacred cow from the discordian tarot deck I made.

This is you Absolutely "True" inmysocks Fact of the Moment(tm).

Someone (Pineapple Fund) has donated €200k worth of #BitCoin to the #OpenStreetMap Foundation. That's a lot for the #OSMF! A bit game-changing for #OSM!