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With an ego that doesn't match your skill set.

Hey programmers, lecturing women like they're kids doesn't make you smart or creative. It makes you a fucking asshole.

I'd love to have the kind of permanent tattoo, where you don't have to remove the tattoo itself, as it's just a white canvas to project QR code holograms on.

Want to win the hearts of Greens? Don't be an ass and insult their constituency.

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If you like robots, queered relationships, and questions about intellectual property law... this is the book for you. 5/5 Stars for Autonomous by Annalee Newitz. #AmReading #BookReview #SciFi #AI


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Internet, 2002; claiming that you're over 18 so that websites will let you in.

Internet, 2018: claiming that you're under 16 and in the EU so that websites cannot track your data

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Are there any fediverse.onion server running that are willing to share their address? #Tor #OnionRouting !Fediverse
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Daily reminder that you should not use Discord unless you like sending 100% identifiable analytics events for every single action you perfom in their app.

God damn this Peter Joseph is a fucking idiot.

Libertarianism is neither Communist or Fascist, it's direct opposite is authoritarianism. Why the fuck is Jimmy Dore and Peter Joseph trashing libertarians?

That like saying everyone who believe in no respective authority is conservative.

I'm for spy technology being stolen from the rich, and made as ubiquitous, free, and open source as possible.

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Know anyone interested in contemplating what is and can be "Critical Metadata"? Looks like I'll be editing a special issue of an info science journal on this topic. Hit me up if you or people you know might like to contribute an article. (official CFP coming soonish, but I'm unofficially collecting ideas/cultivating interest now). Thank you!

Gamedevs are a little to married to the idea of using C++ as the go to language.

Most of that has to do with traditional than any basis in fact.

I hate hate hate the term Urban Fiction. It's been so blatantly infiltrated by the social justice warrior crowd, it makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

I think I'll be switching to "MIT Fiction."

It's gotten to the point I can't take you seriously if you're talking about diversity, and you're a United States citizen.

Diversity is the last thing in the world the United States cares about.

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Hello there, CrimethInc. is now part of the #fediverse. We will write about #anarchy, #riots, #freedom and all that sexy stuff.


Got some pixel art for some game design.

I'm beginning to wonder if some of these people on Diaspora, actually have the programming skills to back up their large amount of hubris.