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If you really think the NSA cares of internet security, you have a very D.C. comics view of the world.

Family is to busy trashing Madeline, rather than something actually goddamn important. Thanks a lot guys.

What are cryptographic lecturers on youtube trying to achieve by telling me Public Key Cryptography is slower than symmetric?

It's not necessarily any slower than a VIC pen and paper cipher. Eh Bruce Schneier McWindows user?

My family legit cannot tell the difference between legitimate grievances and petty gossip. I just don't have time for that kind of bull shit.

I wouldn't have an issue, but Jimmy Dore is so caught up trashing Brexit, but then contradicts himself by trashing the American empire.

The only way to end an empire is to secede from it.

Why do people confuse passion for authority?

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@cwebber May be (as much as I don't like the state and especially the state stepping on our, nerd territory) we'll need a new legislation for this. Because wearable technology is only a stepping stone before we start putting silicon into our bodies. And in this case the user's rights should be as important than ever, if not more. We need to start thinking about it now.

Is it a German thing? This one lady is the most cold blooded person I've ever met. Lizards are less cold blooded.

I'm just about fucking done with centralized websites.

I'm a repulsive ragamuffin. What are cute girls at the art studio flirting with me for?

But whenever there is a can't, there is a way that I can.

Found a cipher that cannot effectively be automated on computer, because there are multiple ways one can fractionate and substitute with it.

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@rtsn Specifically, if I make the transposition and rot13 a single process, it becomes unbreakable. And yet bizarrely, it's trivial to solve by hand or in two seperate algorithms.

@rtsn I'm not sure if its an issue with implementation, or what. But my computer isn't wanting to solve a double rail fence mixed with rot13. And yet I could do a rot13 on it on my own, then rearrange it myself and solve the damn thing.

Found a cool encryption tool. It's not open source, but it's still decent.